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I've had a cigar before but didn't like it

Yes, the famous "I've had a cigar before" followed by, "ya, but I didn't like it." It turns out that their experience with a cigar was one purchased at a petrol station- a White Owl or a Schimmelpenninck. What's not to like?

Of course they didn't like it. Note- a cigarette smoker is exempt- they would find those 2 cigars palatable only because they can inhale and not die. If you are a cigarette smoker you know what I'm talking about. Logic follows- it's a cigar. It's made of tobacco. Light it, inhale. What's not to like? Or how about this one- "I gave up smoking cigarettes years ago, now I only smoke cigars." (referring to above selection) LOL

To a person trying a cigar for the first time these are not particularly nice tasting cigars in the the realm of premium cigars so it stands to reason they would not enjoy them. With premium stogies another paradigm exists. If that was their first impression then we, as aficionados, need to deprogram their brain and retrain them- it's for the greater good. They will thank us for this. Get the chair ready, strap them in, shine the spotlight in their eyes and let the session begin. It won’t hurt a bit...

Of course this is not the way to do it- get rid of the spotlight- what were you thinking?

I'm curious. Did someone buy you your first cigar? Is this how you started? When I had my first cigar a Monte Cristo #3 was $3. Crazy eh?

As a cigar lover you know what to do. Introduce them to a lovely Alec Bradley Nica Puro Bajito with them. Step them through it. Be patient. We all have to start somewhere- it is your moral obligation as a Big Brother (or Sister) of the cigar fraternity to satiate the curious eager mind and guide them through the family traditions- it will leave a lasting impression. They'll remember you for it.

Here's a handy little list to make it easy for you.

The story of tobacco
The art and skill of rolling
The humidor
The clip
The light
The draw
The taste
The enjoyment
The allure
The fraternity

Cigars are not just about smoking, it's about sharing.

Do you have a newbie cigar you'd recommend? What would it be?

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