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Cigar Burn Issues & What To Do

Today Grant "The Cigar Merchant" Ovenden from discusses common Cigar Burn Issues and What To Do to fix th...

Tupperdors - Everything You Need To Know

Tupperdors - what are they? Simply put, many years ago an aficionado ran out of space in their humidor and grabbed a ...

Cigars 101: Understanding Sizes & Shapes

As you cannot view cigars in a walk-in humidor in New Zealand due to the Smokefree 2025 Act (which restricts the disp...

The Most Important Cigar Tool?

Everyone has a drawer full of knives- a knife for every purpose- a bread knife, a chef's knife, paring knife, maybe a...

The Essentials Guide - Executive Summary

The Essentials Guide - Executive Summary Today I will give you a top-down essentials guide to what you need to enjoy ...

Cigar Basics - Selecting Your Cigar

More Than a Hobby- a great Cigar is the start of your Passion Purchasing a cigar can seem very daunting given the vas...

BLOG: Wrapper vs Binder vs Filler

The Cigar Merchant of New Zealand shares his thoughts on the makeup of a cigar when it comes to wrapper vs binder vs ...

What is that horrible stuff oozing from my cigar?

The Cigar Merchant discusses the horrible subject of cigar-ooze, or cigar-tar as it is also known.

Rethinking Humidity and Cigar Storage

Well for the last 30 years I've always followed the 70/70 rule (70F or 21C and 70% humidity) - however (thankfully) a...

BLOG: Mould vs Plume or Bloom

Observations & pre-amble... In the research and writing of this very very touchy subject it would be my humble be...

Anatomy of a Cigar

Today we will look at the anatomy of a cigar, what makes it so special and why. Over the past three decades it is fai...

BLOG: Is Weather Playing Havoc With Your Cigars?

When the cold winter weather hits and your heat pump kicks in, this can have a detrimental effect on all but the most...
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