How to avoid feeling Sick or Dizzy from a Strong Cigar

It happens to the best of us, either we didn't eat enough before hand or just don't have the right sugar levels befor...

Cigars 101: Don Josè's Tools of the trade

Tools of the Trade is where I give you info / reviews on different cigar related accessories. Being that xmas is just...

Cigar 101: How to store your cigars

FIRST THINGS FIRST. In order to know how to best store cigars we need to know what the optimum storage values are, f...

BLOG-TIP: Cigar Storage 101 (Heat Wave)

As we fast approach a potential record-breaking week of temperatures across New Zealand, I thought a quick BLOG-TIP o...

BLOG: Is Weather Playing Havoc With Your Cigars?

When the cold winter weather hits and your heat pump kicks in, this can have a detrimental effect on all but the most...

Tip #1- Buy Quality Cigars

I want to be sure you undersand the difference between a machine made and a hand made cigar, and the pros and cons of...

My First Cigar

MY FIRST CIGAR.Copyright (C), 1893, by The S. Brainard's Sons Co.Words and Music by M. Le Roy.'Twas on a quiet aftern...
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