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We often get asked the same questions over and over again, so today I'll try to answer as many as I can remember for you.
While I have literally grown up (or grown old) with the legal changes around tobacco in New Zealand, it seems the first few questions are the most common we get; and yes, I do get offended every time someone proclaims my business "must be a joke" because I won't show them into the walk-in humidor and/or that we don't display photos of cigars and tobacco brands on the webstore.
As always, our intent has been to provide New Zealand cigar and pipe aficionados with the finest range of products available in the free-world and to ensure we abide by New Zealand's strict anti-tobacco (anti-smoking) laws.
If you have some "obvious" questions I've missed, please email so I can add them to the FAQ I am building after writing this.


Pricing on Emailers:
New Zealand law forbids us to share the price of cigars on our emailers, our emailers are to let you know what new stock we have received in only.

Photos of Cigars on the Webstore:
New Zealand law forbids us to display any photos/pictures of cigars or cigar brands on our webstore.

Viewing Cigars in the Retail Shop:
New Zealand law forbids us to allow you to view cigars in our retail shop (i.e. no access to the walk-in humidor).

Photo ID and Signature Required:
New Zealand law requires that we prove you are of legal age and that we obtain an adult (over 18) signature for the delivery of your order.

(yes we are well aware someone else doesn't do this and also 99.9% of online liquor stores don't; Canteros is a family-owned business that would be 100% destroyed if we ever got prosecuted as we are not an international cigar-chain that could absorb such losses)

Phone orders:
We do not accept orders over the phone sorry, we have a state-of-the-art webstore which makes it easy for you to place the order and track your order.

Credit Card payments:
As we are solely a tobacconist we are unable to get merchant facilities with any bank (but if you sell vape or anything else as well as tobacco they don't seem to care); we can send manual requests via PayPal for those wanting to pay on Credit Card.

Packaging (our new shipping boxes):
We have introduced a new packaging/shipping box so that we can maximise the A5 courier satchels we use; can you please keep these, we will issue a $1 credit per box returned; the idea is to email us when you have 10 or more flattened-boxes and we will arrange to get them back to us and give you a credit for their return (the new black-boxes; not the old white-boxes with labels).

With the changes in our packaging, we have moved to a flat-rate of $6 per order of cigars/tobacco upto $150 in value and no-charge for orders over $150.

Advice on Cigars:
Please do not be offended when we point out we cannot assist you on giving advice on what cigars to purchase; this is a sticky part of the Smoke Free Act; we can't even tell you to use Google to help you look-up cigars.

If you have an ATL (authority to leave) then we cannot accept any responsibility for your order if it goes missing; we will endeavour to assist as much as possible with NZ Post (formerly CourierPost) but we have no control if you have an ATL in place.

Like every other retailer in the world - once your order leaves us it is 100% out of our control; some people seem to think I own NZ Post and Canteros jointly; I do not - I have as much might with NZ Post as you do (bugger all).

Right now, every business is short-staffed; please be patient; please be aware of how swamped couriers are - as I have always said from the first day I started trading online; order as early as you can, as things happen - you'd be better off getting your order a week earlier than your anniversary than the day after...

Statistically speaking - for the 2021 year NZ Post (formerly CourierPost) delivered with a 99.9991% hit rate; i.e. we lost less than 10 orders for the entire year. 

What size is a Cigar:
You will find we use the most common measurement system for cigars; Length in inches & the gauge (diameter) is 1/64th of an inch.

Engraving & Personalisation Services:
We can cost-effectively engrave lighters, cutters and get name badges made up for humidors as part of our personalisation services; simply email us to find out more.

New Cigar Sections:
While we cannot offer advice on cigars; we can make it a bit clearer for selecting them from our webstore (within limits); so we have recently introduced some new sections.

(typically we only list the "single" cigar in these sections so the list is easier to browse; you will find the cigars on the main cigar page if you look up their name)

Big / Large / Gigante Cigars
This is where you'll find the large cigars (7" by 70 or bigger)

Cigars Under $40
This is where you'll find single-cigars under $40 in value (this section gets squeezed every year as the excise duty goes up)

Overstocks & Clear-Outs
This is where you you will find cigar-lines that we have had for sometime and are priced at their original price for clearance; we highlight these specifically as it normally means there is a new shipment arriving and the pricing will be increasing.

Flavoured/Infused cigars:
This is where you'll find the flavoured/infused cigars (just fixed this so they are now all there, sorry)

Green/Candela cigars:
More of an annual requirement (St. Paddy's day)

Machine Made cigars:
All the machine made (service station) cigars

Small cigars:
All the smaller cigars (cigarillos & panetellas)

Triple packs:
Our Tuesday Triple Packs (now simply known as Triple Packs)

Rare and hard to find cigars

Where are the Cuban cigars:
My passion is nuevo-mundo (new-world) cigars - cigars produced in Central America by the worlds most passionate Master Blenders and rollers and thus we do not sell Cuban cigars.

New Humidors (seasoning etc):
YES - if you buy a new humidor we are more than happy to season it for you; we have added specific shelving into the walk-in humidor to handle this; just pop a note on your order to let us know.

Please also take note - simply using Distilled Water to season/maintain your humidor WILL NOT WORK; you must use PG Solution as the distilled water simply evaporates very quickly.

Lighters (bleeding them):
Please PLEASE watch the YouTube clip below - the majority of lighters returned to us are fixed by bleeding them and refilling them.


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