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How to deal with the Nic Hit

This can happen to anyone enjoying a cigar - even a seasoned aficionado will sometimes forget the basics or pick a cigar with just a bit more ligero than he or she expected.

Quickly, the following are six ways to deal with the Nic Hit - in fact most of the following are what you should think of before sitting down to enjoy a cigar...

1: Choose More Milder Cigars
This can be as simple as dialing back your cigar selection a notch; there are plenty of fantastic Connecticut/Connecticut Shade cigars that aren't going to leave you feeling like you've just done a few rounds with a pro-boxer.
You might be surprised to learn that I quite often go for more medium-bodied cigars that have plenty of flavour vs always smoking a strong, dark maduro stacked with Ligero...

2: Start Hydrated & Keep Hydrating
This is probably good advice in life whether or not your about to enjoy a cigar; far too often I forget to keep well hydrated (with water) during the day.
Certainly I know I cannot enjoy a cigar without a beverage on hand... and not always alcoholic (honest).

3: Don't Smoke On An Empty Stomach
This is the advice I give out more than anything else, a great cigar is best enjoyed on a full stomach, it doesn't mean you need to down a burger or a Sunday roast before hand; but definitely don't do it on an empty stomach!

4: Take Your Time
Another one of my three core rules for cigar enjoyment; please take your time.
Cigars are meant to be put down (rested) and they won't go out for quite a few minutes. Too often people rush a cigar, it will get hot, acrid and just generally ruin the experience.
Let us be honest here, a good cigar is pretty much the same price as going to the movies (and should take about the same sort of time); savor the moment, enjoy it, relax...

5: Don't Inhale
Guess this is one I don't say very much, because I feel it is a given when enjoying a cigar; but maybe I should be reminding people about this gem?
Cigar smoke is to be savored, but not inhaled

6: Have Some Sugar
The third and most common advice I give, have some classic Cola' on hand (I had to stop saying Coke as people kept thinking I was promoting the Columbian marching powder)...
But seriously, Cola or any other form of sugary and low-sugar drink is a good idea; sometimes a cigar can just sneak up on the best of us and knock us for a six; sugar helps to quickly rectify that situation.
You will find a lot of aficionados drink bourbon or rum as it has a natural sugar content; even port has been known as a great pairing with a fine cigar.
In the cigar cave at home we generally always have Sprite or Murdoch Raspberry Cola or Lemon, Lime & Bitters - you will be shocked at the difference in sugar in Murdoch Soda' vs Coke'a'Cola (alarmed even!)

Murdoch Soda Co. can be found at Pak'n'Save and New World


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