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BLOG: Wedding Day Celebration Cigars

Mark your Wedding Day celebrations with a Cigar-bar

This can be achieved on a very small budget or can be a big part of your celebration day; it comes down to your friends and family of course (and your future partner).

For myself, being The Cigar Merchant of New Zealand for over 30-years, my wedding day of course included cigars as a lot of our friends were cigar-aficionados.

Weddings are a major milestone event in your life and it truly is one of those magical celebration days; so maybe give a thought to how you'd like to add cigars into the mix;

  • Only a handful of cigar-lovers, maybe have cigars the night before with the guys
  • Your friends and family know you love cigars, have some on hand for those that wish to enjoy
  • Your partner is cool with your "other love" so you can put aside an hour after dinner to have a cigar with the guys and senior family members
  • Budget isn't an issue and it's a full day and night of celebrations, hire an aficionado for your event to run a cigar-bar to mark a truly awesome day

Over the years, I have worked out that after dinner and speeches, the groom and bride mingle with their inner-circles for an hour or two; this makes a great little time for you to enjoy a cigar; but don't over-do-it and have a Toro or Churchill, it's not good to set forth from this momentous day being in the bad-books for spending a couple of hours hanging with the lads drinking and smoking cigars (an hour is on the edge of pushing your luck).

Already this Wedding season I've put together a variety of wedding-day packs (small cigar box, a couple of "special" cigars, smaller cigars for those that want to try and some infused cigars for those that want to try through to elaborate larger cigar-boxes and a wide selection of cigars for the big day).

Wedding day cigars don't need to blow the budget, feel free to email us with a budget and we can assist.

Cigars are certainly becoming more accepted these days and are regaining their mystique for celebrating the good times in life; it is one of the beautiful aspects of them, you sit down and relax for an hour or more and often with a close friend or group of friends.

Some special ideas:-

  • Customised Cedar Spills with the Wedding Date/Party details (6-weeks lead time)
  • Customised Cigar Menu with Tasting Notes
  • Custom engraved Cigar Cutter or Lighter for Groom (7-days lead time)
  • Custom engraved Cigar Humidor marking the Wedding Date (7-days lead time)
  • Custom Cigar Presentation Boxes to invite the Wedding Party together (3 weeks lead time)
  • Custom Cigar Presentation Boxes to give-out to the Wedding Party on the day (3 weeks lead time)
  • Cigar Aficionado for Hire (going big, we have aficionados available across New Zealand to run your cigar-bar)

Please check with us for exact lead times.

Mark your special day in style with a cigar!

Grant "The Cigar Merchant"

We also cater for all special events from Corporate events, Annual sales conferences, New Vehicle launches, Art Gallery exhibitions, Product launches, Graduations, Whisky Tasting nights, new liquor product launches or just about anything to do with celebrating; drop me an email as I have a passionate cigar aficionados across New Zealand ready to make your next celebration epic!
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