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Sunday Reading: Great Social Media and Cigars

More Than a Hobby- a great Cigar is the start of your Passion

Today we will look at some great Cigar-related social media sources to keep you edutained and entertained.

Thankfully there are loads and great social-media sites providing countless hours of great cigar content, I am sure I will only cover off a small amount.
Please feel free reply to this email and let me know YOUR favourite cigar-related social media hangouts.

Fantastic YouTube Channels:

We are truly fortunate that some of the older industry folk have put some great work into creating education and entertaining YouTube Channels

Not long ago I shared the great work Eric Newman of J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is doing with this Shadow Box series - just click here to see the channel and soak up some incredible knowledge from the past 125 years of the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. - more episodes are up now, go check them out!

Not to be outdone, Arturo Fuente and their International parter Meerapfel have created the Meet The Professor YouTube Channel; this is after the recent announcement the Master Blender Jose Blanco has joined the Arturo Fuente team in Europe - just click here to see the channel and enjoy some rather entertaining content.

For me, the next key YouTube Channel are the world's #1 Podcast, The Cigar Authority which is both equally educational and entertaining; click here for their YouTube Channel. These are the guys behind Two Guys Smoke Shop(s).

Of course Cigar Aficionado magazine has a YouTube Channel; as does Cigar Journal magazine, the later doesn't seem to update content very often though.

Other great YouTube Channels:

Joya de Nicaragua - awesome behind the scenes information and interviews from the oldest operating Cigar Factory in Nicaragua and great friends of mine

Cigar Obsession - video reviews of cigars, accessories and anything cigar related

TNT Cigar Reviews (now Best Cigar Reviews) - reviews cigars, lots of older content, but he has just started blogging again also

Cigar Vixen - reviews cigars and cigar packages she is sent

Alec Bradley Cigars - interesting stories

Drew Estate Cigars - interesting stories

Cigar Advisor magazine - great reviews and information

Sautter Cigars - a UK based Cuban cigar specialist, entertaining reviews

Cigars Daily - great reviews, LOTS of reviews - reviews, highly opinionated and Charlie is still a ... - great reviews and banter

Cigar Fellas - 5 years old, but still have some great (historic) interviews

Cigars and Whiskey - loads of content, great reviews

Cigar Coop - William Cooper's YouTube review channel, cigars and lots of industry noise

Smokin One with Tatum - Tatum is a well known Instagrammer and does lots of short reviews... or at least videos while she's doing her IG thing

Cigar Podcasts:

The Cigar Dave Show - well, as far back as I can remember this was all I ever used to listen to; still going strong too which is amazing!

Of course worth a second mention, The Cigar Authority which is the #1 cigar podcast in the world.

A Cigar Hustlers Podcast - more entertainment than anything else, but if you need some company and a laugh while enjoying your cigar, then check it out.

The Retrohale - a Cigar Podcast - lots of cigar reviews and interviews, a nice easy format.

Cigar Coop Prime Time Show - this is Cigar Coop's podcast

Drew Estate DE4L - random musings from Drew Estate

Half Ashed - Cuban's, Premium's, Pipes and more - a great range of information

Cigar Snob Magazine - industry news, political news, cigar reviews, alcohol reviews...

The AshHoles - entertaining podcosters...

Box Press - great information, reviews and industry interviews; well worth checking out

Well, I hope that gives you all some entertainment and edutainment during winter months ahead fellow passionados!

Long-ashes everyone,
Grant "The Cigar Merchant"

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