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Tupperdors - Everything You Need To Know

Tupperdors - what are they?

Simply put, many years ago an aficionado ran out of space in their humidor and grabbed a Tupperware container and put their overflow stash of cigars in it...  this novel idea gained traction and very soon the phrase "Tupperdor" was coined.

They are also a great way for a novice or beginner aficionado to start out, store some premium cigars and get a feel for things.

Tupperdors - what are the benefits?

They're a relatively cheap alternative to a humidor - as mentioned above, they're great for storing an overflow stash of cigars or for a novice/beginner just starting out.

They're versatile - you can store a range of different sized cigars and also if you want to separate out flavoured/infused cigars, then a Tupperdor is perfect for this.

They're transportable - unlike your precious humidor, a Tupperdor is relatively rugged (the premium cigars inside are not, remember this); so they can travel with you (just remember to put some padding in there to protect your premium cigars from bouncing around).

No need for seasoning - you don't need to season a Tupperdor, they're just good to go.

Dry-boxing cigars - sometimes humidity goes haywire, sometimes you need to "dry-box" cigars; a Tupperdor is perfect for this (depending what you are trying to achieve you can use a Boveda or not).

Reviving cigars - much like the above Dry-boxing; you may be gifted cigars or find cigars that have not been stored correctly; so you can use a Tupperdor with a low humidity Boveda to slowly bring the cigars back to some form of life.

Segregation - as also mentioned briefly, Tupperdor's are great for segregating premium cigars from your main stash; they could be flavoured/infused; they could be recently gifted cigars that your unsure if they may be a beetle risk; they may just be simply the "great cigars for my mates" stash.

Tupperdors - what are the risks?

Always use a new Tupperware container - this is a big one, never ever use a pre-used Tupperware container from the kitchen; they will contain microscopic things that will quickly ruin your premium cigar stash.  Once you've created a Tupperdor, leave it solely for that purpose.

They're not pretty - this may concern some people, they are just a Tupperware container. If your just starting out, it's not really going to bother you and if its for overflow, does it really matter.  Sure your mates might give you the side-eye at the beach when you produce your Tupperdor, but that'll soon go away when they start mooching your cigars.

They need to be "burped" - all cigars in storage need air circulation, lets be honest; most aficionados open their humidor every other day just to gaze upon their premium cigars and thus they get the needed air circulation; a Tupperdor being totally sealed (sealed better than a humidor) needs to be "burped" at least once a week (open the lid, gaze upon your premium cigars, close the lid)...

Tupperdors - what do you need? 

Tupperware container with a great seal - as mentioned above, do not SKIMP on this, buy a new one (they are less than $20 normally).

Spanish cedar - Spanish cedar is important because it will absorb and hold moisture and if you are an enthusiast you may feel a bit of Spanish cedar will add some nuance to your cigars.

Humidification - a single Boveda SIZE-60 pack should suffice here, you may need two for a larger Tupperdors of course and you can decide the desired humidity you want to use. Just remember a Tupperdor is super sealed unlike a humidor (which breathes to a larger degree).

Hygrometer - we only recommend using a Digital Hygrometer when it comes to accurately storing and protecting your premium cigar collection. Sorry but the analogue hygrometers should never be trusted and replaced as soon as possible with a Digital Hygrometer.


You can buy Tupperdor's here from


Lastly - don't forget when you are ready to upgrade to a Humidor, you can repurpose your Digital Hygrometer and Boveda' pack in your new, luxury humidor.

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