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BLOG: Humidors 101 - Using Boveda's 2-Way Humidification System


HUMIDORS 101: Using Boveda's 2-Way Humidification System are New Zealand's official retailer of the worlds leading Humidity control devices - Boveda!

How does a Boveda pack work?
Boveda packs provide 2-way humidification – meaning they’ll both add humidity to the cigars in your humidor when they need it, as well as take humidity away when there’s too much.

Each Boveda pack targets a specific percentage, ranging from 58 – 75%, depending on your desired humidity level.

Inside each pack is a specially prepared, saturated solution of pure water and natural salt. This saturated solution is contained within a water-vapor permeable ‘reverse osmosis’ membrane.

58 – 62% Boveda packs are used for medicinal cannabis

65 – 72% Boveda packs are used for premium cigars

84% Boveda packs are used only for Seasoning a new humidor or re-seasoning a dry-humidor

Which Boveda pack should I use for my Premium Cigars? 
The traditional theory of storing cigars was always 70% humidity and 70F (21.1C) - the "70/70" rule...

However the more modern approach with the widespread increase in new-world (premium) cigars and the varying range of wrapper tobaccos is more 65% to 69% humidity.

Traditionally speaking Cuban cigars have a thinner wrapper tobacco leaf; whereas modern tobaccos grown throughout Central America and the United States are thicker and provide more depth of flavour and better combustion.

Dark (maduro) USA Connecticut wrappers and Mexican San Andres wrappers are thicker, these require less humidity to stay in great condition.

It also comes down to personal choice and a lot to do with your location; if you are in a dryer region of New Zealand; then 69% is not a bad idea; whereas in more humid areas, you can go with 65% because of the ambient humidity.

Why do we not use the old style humidification?
When I started collecting and enjoying cigars some 30+ years ago, the only humidity system was known as a "Credo" or basically Florists Foam Block encased in a plastic shell as above.

You used to keep it moist with PG Solution (50% PG / 50% distilled water); the problem was these only ever gave-out humidity; they couldn't regulate humidity and remove excess humidity.

Also some people would re-moisten them with simple tap water; this soon lead to mold and ruined cigar collections for a lot of people.

Boveda packs thankfully are a 2-way system, they give-out humidity at a set percentage and re-absorb humidity if there is too much present.  If you Google this you will easily find pictures of extremely swollen Boveda packs where there was just way too much humidity.

( NO ONE wants this to happen to their luxury premium cigar collection )


( for reference this is for using the standard SIZE-60 packs )

View the FULL Boveda range here

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