Warning: Smoking Kills
Ka mate koe i te kai hikareti

XIKAR - 744 Cigar Cut Knife

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Pocket knife, money clip, cigar cutter. Three tools in one! This unique knife is made with a long lasting AUS-8 stainless blade. It's very sharp, and handy for the moment you forgot your cigar cutter.

XIKAR 744 Cigar Cut Knife

Overall Length Open
  129mm (5.0")
Overall Length Closed
  78mm (3.0")
Overall Blade Length
  50 mm (2.0")
Blade Thickness
  2.3mm (.093")
Frame Thickness
  6.7mm (.26")
Cigar Cutter
  48 Ring Gauge
  56.82 grams (2.0 oz)
  Frame Lock

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